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Dragonswood (2012)

Dragonswood (2012)

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After reading 30 pages of Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey I chose to read it for my second book report. I chose to read it for my book report because I like other books from this author. Another reason is because I like that it has dragons, fairies and witches. Lastly I thought it was really cool the main character was being accused of being a witch. Because of these reasons I rated this book 5 stars. However, this could change after I read this book in it entirety. This book was really good. My new favorite book!! I love the main character, Tess and the huntsman she meets. I will not spoil anything! I can relate to Tess' selfless and super stubborn personality. The romance is slow but oh so adorable beacause of the well written dialogue and the way the author describes every touch/look/glance. The descriptions in the book are lovely and I am able to easily picture what is being described.I have not read the first of this series, only this one, but I intend to once winterbreak hits.Highly recommend! Super adorable and just overall wonderful!

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Why must the series end here??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

The beginning was good, but it really lacked a plot.

Good mix of fantasy and medieval.

3.5 stars

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