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Dragon's Path (2012)

Dragon's Path (2012)

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About book Dragon's Path (2012)

More than "I liked" and slightly less than "I really liked" but a promising fresh discovery nonetheless. Basically two stories told in parallel, crossing paths once along the way. The protagonists were charmingly flawed, even if a few of them were a bit lightly sketched (guilt-wracked mercenary hiding his good heart under a layer of gruffness anyone?) If anything, the world building was a bit overdrawn -- the book would have worked with 2 or 3 extra races; 12 was overkill, the author seems to equate autism disorders with the potential for pure evil, and mad-genius business girl displayed a bit too much competence porn (even the attempt to subvert that trope was heavy handed). All in all, I went with 4 stars over 3 stars because just "I liked it" didn't seem to state how much I'm looking forward to picking up #2. A solid fantasy tale that walks the line of low and high fantasy expertly. The world feels real and rough around the edges while presenting both old and mysterious magic. The plot and prose are engaging, and I look forward to reading more by Daniel Abraham.Pete Bradbury's narration was good, but I don't believe it added anything to the characters. If anything, I was worried in the beginning that it would be too dry, but I warmed to it over the course of the book.

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It is interesting and welcoming new type of fantasy. I am looking forward to read the second book.

Excellent, but like all of of Abraham's series, it's all just building at this point.

Very enjoyable with detailed characters and development.

great book, all three so far !!!!!!

Very very good

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