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Dragon's Oath (2011)

Dragon's Oath (2011)

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1250000238 (ISBN13: 9781250000231)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Dragon's Oath (2011)

The first Novella in the house of night series.Its based on the story of sword master in the house of night series and how he became a fledgling and a fully fledged vampyre and and how he met his wife Anastasia.Personally I thought it was okay, for me the house of nights are becoming predictable and but with it was interesting to see the story of dragon and Anastasia met but for me it was a bit insta-love and the bad guy sherif briddle was plain boring.But was a short book and i flew through it. I found it enjoyable enough and the writing was okay. I give this book 4/5 stars because I really enjoyed reading it, and I liked knowing the history between Dragon and Anastasia. The main problem I had with this book is that everything felt rushed, and happened really quickly. There wasn't enough time for the characters and their emotions to develop. It was like one minute Dragon was just an arrogant student and Anastasia was this teacher who couldn't care less, and then the next he's this mature, Warrior dude and she's making moony eyes at him. It really needed more time for their feelings to develop, and I just wished the entire book was longer. I just really wanted more.

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I liked it but I want more towards the end. The climax went by faster then the plot.

I can't wait to read Destined in order to find out what will happen to Dragon.

Was not crazy about it so I returned it to the library early

A story worth every minute of your time.

I really liked this one.

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