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Down The Darkest Road. Tami Hoag (2011)

Down the Darkest Road. Tami Hoag (2011)

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About book Down The Darkest Road. Tami Hoag (2011)

I really liked the actual story in this book but I think there was far too much back story in it. That would be great for those who have not read the first two books but I have (and recently) so it was just far too much. Also I think that it was a bit much that throughout the whole book the "bad guy" was named by his full name. Occasionally first and last name would work but there were many times that I feel it should have been shortened to one or the other. I love this series, this book just wasn't as great as the previous ones. This is the last book in the Oak Knoll trilogy. Frankly, I’d hope the entire series would climax with this story and encompass the characters developed in the previous books. Sadly it does not. If you’re looking for Anne, Vince, Frannie, etc., they are are peripheral characters. Following the abduction of her sixteen year old daughter, and the death of her husband, a subsequent obsession is all consuming for the main character. The alleged abductor has followed her to a new town, Oak Knoll. There is an extraordinary amount of desperation on her part. Albeit she has reason for this angst, it is overkill that is presented via internal dialogue that seems to go on forever. Again and again the main character expresses her frustration, the Oak Knoll cops express theirs, and it gets a little exasperating for the reader.I wanted to like the main character, but couldn’t … too self absorbed. Surprising that there are any romantic feelings toward her, but a sleazy private investigator and the good-guy Oak Knoll police investigator, Tony Mendez, are somehow charmed by this crazy, selfish woman. At minimum, she should have more empathy with the surviving daughter, who is starving for any affection from her grief stricken mother. About eleven hours of listening, Down the Darkest Road has a good title in that this is a very dark story … little, if any, comic relief. If you’re a big fan of Tami Hoag, I’m sure you’ll like this story, but in my opinion, it doesn’t measure up to the first two stories. A credible performance by Kirsten Potter, the narrator.

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very disappointing, hardly any story, not what I expected from this author

This series was amazing... Could not put it down...


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