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Don't Go (2013)

Don't Go (2013)

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1250010071 (ISBN13: 9781250010070)
St. Martin's Press

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I usually like her books, and I did like this one, but I found it a little annoying at parts, for one reason only. The main character, Mike, knows that in order to get his life back, he must start controlling his temper and actions. However, he just keeps making mistake after mistake. I found myself wanting to shout at him "Dude. You're screwing everything up. Think about your actions." But, still good overall. Mild spoiler alert: I wanted to really like this book.... and I did, but there were some aspects that were kind of frustrating. There is so much build-up of certain parts of the storyline..., and then all of a sudden, it is like the author got tired of writing and wrapped things up way too quickly. ... and then everyone lives happily ever after?!I don't think it's BAD, as some reviews here describe..., just a bit frustrating! :)

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Another awesome book by Lisa Scottoline! Suspense throughout the whole book.

beautiful war veteran story.

great book

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