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Délices - Ma Vie En Cuisine (2000)

Délices - Ma vie en cuisine (2000)

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About book Délices - Ma Vie En Cuisine (2000)

I haven't read a lot of non-fiction comics but this one was relatively inexpensive and seemed interesting that I thought I'd give it a try. To be honest, I thought I would hate it at first. My early impression was that it was about very hip food snobs and it left me feeling a bit annoyed after the first chapter. But the art and storytelling, and the sense of enthusiasm and earnestness the I got from reading the book really won me over. It’s an aptly titled graphic novel - a wonderfully illustrated love note to food and the culture surrounding it. Lucy Knisley was raised by foodies. Her godfather was a renowned restaurant critic, her mom worked at a local restaurant and was the type to bring a blowtorch for school birthdays to make creme brûlée. Lucy would later find herself in upstate New York with her mother growing vegetables and working the farmers market. In college she became a cheese seller. Her memories are tied to food. But she’s not some foodie hipster and still recalls the joys of pizza pockets, KD and McDonald’s fries. It’s an uncomplicated book that had me headed out to buy myself some fancy cheese as a result. That counts as a win.

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Loved this book! Graphic novel/memoir/cookbook...fantastic concept and voice. Great story Lucy.

Very enjoyable graphic novel about food and growing up. Trip to Mexico is my favorite chapter.

Much better than French milk. Well executed, interesting and made my mouth water.

Nicely drawn, but just not my cup o' tea.

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