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Distant Memory (2000)

Distant Memory (2000)

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1578561213 (ISBN13: 9781578561216)
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About book Distant Memory (2000)

Alton Gansky is one of those authors who dabbles in supernatural sometimes, so when I first heard about this book years ago, I wondered if I'd like it. Aside from the fact that it begins near where I lived as a teenager (remote area outside of Mojave, California) and then travels to other places I knew well, the suspense and action of the book kept me riveted. When culling through paperbacks that I won't likely read again, I paused for just a second, and moved onto the next. Even after ten or more years, I'm not ready to give up this copy.No, it isn't fine literature or even perfect fiction. It just has great characters, an interesting plot, and moves at a pace that makes you feel like you really are racing along for the ride, experiencing everything with the characters. I'd probably actually give it a 3.5 if I could only because I do try to save 5 stars for the truly exceptional, but I can't take it down to a three. So four it is.Note: Date finished is approximate.

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