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Diferente (2012)

Diferente (2012)

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The genre of my book is fantasy because I'm that this isn't real. ********Spoiler Alert***** in the end the boy Benson escapes with his kind of girlfriend named Becky and it ends when he turns and sees the girl that supposedly died. I liked the book a lot because of all the things Benson has to go through to actually escape the so called prison. And I hope you like the book.Benson is in the car with Ms.Vaughn because he was in foster care and he was going to the school but on the way to the school he sees that the terrain is very dry it says "he pictured barren sand dunes." when Benson and Ms. Vaughn got to the school she told Benson to grab his backpack and after that she drove away and left. a few minutes after he arrived he was greeted by Becky and she was going to do his orientation they were in the lawn and then to boys went running toward the car and told Benson "Don't listen to Isaiah or Oakland." He said firmly "We cant get out of here."later Becky was walking with Benson talking about the school and how there were no teachers and that there where rules and that you didn't want to go to detention.I understood why there were so many rules especially if there were no teachers or adults. I was also surprised when Becky said that there were no adults but i got over it later in Becky's office she told Benson he could pick a necklace or a watch because it would have a chip that would let him enter his room and other places. later on in the book you learn that there are gangs and you have to pick either the society group,havoc group or variant group. He chooses the variants because they want to get out just like him and the were trying trying to get out to.Benson had to lay low for a while because of when he fought with the other gang leader. The variants had got him food and other things.Benson learns that each gang has a job and he has to do his work there was also days were there was no classes and he played paintball with his group. My favorite part of paintball in this book is when he got shot multiple times everywhere. the character Benson changed as time went because there was a prom. Benson asked his almost girl friend called Jane but they were attacked by two other gang members so after the were both brutally,brutally beaten Benson woke up and Jane looked like she was bleed to death but she got up and limped to a basement door and opened it and lay on a metal table and she plugged herself in and that is when he figured out that Jane was an android. Benson didn't tell anyone because they wouldn't have believed him at all. later on everybody figured out about the androids and then more than 45 students left but only 2 of them actually got away alive. When Benson and Becky got faraway they saw smoke but Becky couldn't walk anymore so Benson went alone to investigate the smoke he came to a town and he walked inside a barn but turned around when he heard a familiar voice and it was Jane.I loved this book because of how much drama there was in the middle and end I give this book 5 stars. I recommend this book to people who are patient in the begging because its slow but an awesome book in the end Benson turns around and sees Jane. Variant is an amazing book, and by far one of the most suspenseful novels i have ever read. It has twists and turns at every corner, and doesn't even stop with them at the end. each sentence reveals something new about the plot, and just when you think you have it figured out, everything changes. this is a book that I couldn't put down till the very end, and should you read it, you will become trapped in the school aswell.

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I read the first and will decide if I want to read theaters. Not greet, but ingesting enough.

This Lord of the Flies meets the Maze Runner just didn't grab me.


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