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Die Suche 1 (2013)

Die Suche 1 (2013)

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About book Die Suche 1 (2013)

Maybe 3.7Honestly prefer it as a TV series- but don't get me wrong: any avatar is good avatar :P I LOVE this show!!! But unfortunately they didn't continue the TV series long enough to answer all the questions and mysteries they have been dealing with since the first season, so yes- I am very happy they made graphic novels which picked up where the show left off!However, I am slightly heart broken they won't turn this into another spin-off series...(or maybe they will?) 2.5 starsToo much of the dialog in this book is the sort that would go over a little more smoothly if delivered by voice actors. If this had been a script for the show, that might have been ok. In a stand-alone graphic story, the lines are just a little too dumb and stilted. The plot - as nonsensical as it is - provided enough entertainment to keep the book from being boring or totally unlikable. That's the best I can say about it.

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That was awesome !!! I really love it !!

was a nice and fitting sequel:D

Loved it


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