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Die Fünf Leben Der Daisy West (2012)

Die fünf Leben der Daisy West (2012)

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About book Die Fünf Leben Der Daisy West (2012)

This is the one of the two worst books I've read/listened to this year, and it's a Missouri Gateway nominee... What the actual crap? They must be joking.This book tried to be a lot of different things and succeeded at being none of them. It's supposed to be a sci-fi novel, but there is essentially no science anywhere in the story. An attempt was made at making it about life and death, but the views expressed (both directly and indirectly) about the most basic aspect of humanity are so trite and superficial that I stopped on multiple occasions while listening to it to rant to my sister, which rather irritates her when she isn't reading a story herself - sorry, Abbie.I have experienced true loss, and there are few things I find as offensive as loss being addressed in a... prepackaged manner. I don't know if the author has experienced loss or not, but reading this book, it certainly doesn't seem like it. Honestly, it felt like she looked at how every other clueless author had dealt with loss in their stories and then copied and pasted the most clichéd bits from them.Besides all of that, there's the main character, who is selfish and shallow, and the completely unbelievable romance between her and Matt.All in all, this book was a complete waste of my time, and I wish I could look all those Missouri school librarians in the eye and ask them to explain themselves. The only thing I liked about this book was the overall concept of it. I didn't mind the first chapter or two, but in my opinion it got worse from that point on. I found myself hating the main character, Daisy, as she seemed to have no thoughts or personality of her own. The only thing that drove her throughout the novel (or at least what I read) was a guy that she liked, but barely knew. The only character I somewhat liked was Audrey, and I skimmed the novel to figure out what happened to her. I tried to finish this novel, but I just couldn't do it.

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