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Die Flüsse Von London (2012)

Die Flüsse von London (2012)

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Mmm, a story based around Punch and Judy, Mother Thames (African lady) and Father Thames!! Stretching it a bit there, for my tastes.I found the narrator's tone ever so slightly condescending, but that could just be me.The many references to the protagonist's lurid thoughts about the females he came across, no pun intended, became tedious.At no point did i warm, or empathise, with the characters and that is not a good sign. In fact, i would have preferred it if they were all machine-gunned due to a twist in the plot, thereby effecting a timely end to the story. Authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Derek Landy and so on, are experts at endearing their characters to the reader / listener.I just found the whole story boring and couldn't wait for it to end. Had i not paid for it, i wouldn't have listened to the end. But, there's always a hope that it will improve and so i persisted. Ah well. Going into this book I had wrong expectations as I thought it would be a steampunk novel, so it took me a while to readjust my expectations of the book. But I still had troubles really getting into it and into the story. Halfway through I finally realised it was due to the fact that I dislike Peter Grant, the main character.He is very authentic and believable, but he is very easily disctracted and has problems focusing. And all of this is reflected in the narration, as he is the narrator.Now I am not the biggest fan of detective mystery novels and so the story had problems capturing my interest, especially since I didn't think the mystery so interesting in the first place.I feel strangely sad about not liking this book as I thought this would be a series I would love and fly through, however I am glad I read it and know it is nothing for me.

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strong start, weak ending but will continue with the series

Supernatural police procedural set in!

Clever, funny and entertaining.


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