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Die Enklave (2011)

Die Enklave (2011)

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I liked this book for the dystopian element, I disliked it for the silly teenaged angst (yes it is a YA book, I should have expected) I hated it in its treatment of rape ...the why didn't you fight them attitude....and befriending the rapist because boys gotta do what's necessary and he has learned better.... Please, he should have been castrated and put out for the freaks. I did finish it I just had to skip a lot of annoying parts...mostly for the whining, but it's an ok zombie book. A society exists in a series of tunnels underground. This community lives a grim existence that is constantly threatened by zombie creatures dubbed "freaks". In order to survive the leaders put into place a rigid structure that limits personal autonomy almost as much as the space they have to live. All of these things that Aguirre adds to the book creates a very claustrophobic and threatening mood. The novel centers around Deuce, a female teen, who becomes one of the elite hunters and huntresses. The job of the hunters and huntresses is to scavenge for food and supplies as well as defend their community from the freaks. Hunters and huntresses work in pairs and Deuce's new partner is the handsome and mysterious Fade. Fade not only serves as Deuce's on the job trainor but also as a possible love interest as the story progresses. Events drive Fade and Deuce topside, out of the tunnels, where the dangers only increase.I really enjoyed this book. It was mindless good fun for those that enjoy post apocalyptic stories populated by flesh eating zombies. Those looking for something profound or original will be disappointed. Readers however looking for books similar to Ryan's Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy or Higson's The Enemy series will devour this novel. The set up for the second book in this series, Outpost, seems like it will be really entertaining. Becuase of that, Outpost, will push itself quickly to the top of my To read list. Another great aspect of this book is that it is high interest and appropriate for my 7th graders. My hope is that it will be a book that remains almost constantly checked out of my classroom library.

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I admit I had high expectations for this book. I'm so disappointed!!!


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