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Die Abnormen (2014)

Die Abnormen (2014)

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1477822631 (ISBN13: 9781477822630)

About book Die Abnormen (2014)

This is the first in a trilogy, and one of those rare books that I had to force myself to stop reading in order to get some sleep. The premise is brilliant (pun intended): an strange phenom began in the early 1980s in which babies were born super gifted; their gifts varied as did their level of brilliance. Some fixed society's long-standing ills, and some were terrorists. All members of this minority suffer from being ostracized by "normal" society. The protagonist works for a homeland-security-type agency, he is a "twist" (derogatory slang for brilliants) and the adventure begins immediately as he hunts another brilliant who is blowing up buildings and killing innocent people. Riveting, a page turner, and while some of the "flirting" between the protagonist and a female are straight out of 1930s/40s film noir, those scenes are few and far between. Loved this, and will definitely finish the trilogy. Good book with a new twist on an old tail. What happens when humans start being born with special abilities? I'm not talking about Marvel or Dark Horse level special abilities, I'm talking about computer fast smarts, or the ability to read other's moods and movements. What happens when these children grow up and start doing things like breaking the Stock market or breaking bank in Vegas? What happens when the Government decides to step in?Well? Read it your fucking self, bisch.

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Seriously flawed but a very enjoyable read. Not sure I will continue with the series.

Started pretty strong. Slow to develop predictable plot.

The title says it all.

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