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Devil's Game (2014)

Devil's Game (2014)

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0425272354 (ISBN13: 9780425272350)
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I thought Em's story was going to be a little more complicated than it was shown here based on what we read on Reaper's Legacy. With that being said, they were good together, but the level if sexual frustration and chemistry between Em and Liam didn't even come close to Soph and Ruger; they're my favorite so far. The plot with the cartel and the peace between the two clubs is getting more and more interesting. Can't wait for more. 4.5 Stars!Review: I have been looking forward to Em's story because I really wanted to see how well she has handled being raised amidst Picnic and the rest of the guys. Her and Hunter's story comes across a little different than the other few Reaper's books, but I really enjoyed it. It feels like they are a newer generation than Picnic, Horse and even Ruger, so they deserve to have their differences. We begin this story already knowing that Hunter had gotten to know Em under false circumstances when he pretended to be a "normal" guy named Liam in order to get to know her and have someone to use as leverage with the Reapers. He and one of the other DJ's kidnapped Em and Sophie after one of the Reaper's went "rogue" and attacked them. Their is a lot of history between the Devil's Jacks and the Reapers, and you get to see a lot of that in this story. You also get to see, however, that there is a little more to the DJ's, and they are asking a lot of the Reaper's - peace. Em and Hunter also just can't seem to stay away from each other. They are attracted to one another, but she doesn't want to force him to choose her, and he feels like he needs to see more of a commitment from her before he commits to her. There is definitely a lot at stake, and you see that when Hunter tries to take Em home for a holiday visit. I really feel for these two, as they are basically becoming the sacrifice or savior between two different clubs that have years of hatred and distrust between them. There is also a third party out there that really wants to see any peace between the two clubs fail. I am curious to see what will happen, as any peace is very tentative at this point. Em and Hunter, though...they just work!Jessica

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es el mejor libro de los tres!!!!!!!!! em y hunter son una muy buena pareja me encantaron!!!!!!!

Love the book, but I don't like the Devil MC.. LOLJ/k.. it was a good story line... thanks

My favorite of the series so far!

im so im love

4+ Stars

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