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Destined For An Early Grave (2009)

Destined for an Early Grave (2009)

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0061583219 (ISBN13: 9780061583216)

About book Destined For An Early Grave (2009)

It took me a while to read paranormal books because i was too much caught up in reading *cough* contemp romance books. I actually missed reading fantasy slash paranormal books, and this book, I know can deliver me back from my sudden lack of uninterestedness. And biy did this deliver. I cannot believe myself missing Bones, this man is so in love and sexy it maked me want to strangle Cat sometimes, such a lucky bitch. Anyway, this book is literally a 180 degrees turn on the one if the sexiest and kickass couple in paranormal books. It made me so sad to see both of them grow apart as struggles and problems slams their perfect relationship. But nevertheless, every difficulty and problems comes with solutions. The ending and reunion was great oh and Cat as a vampire, heh hot and sexyy. Gregor, I'm getting real tired of your shit buddy. She doesn't want you, get over it already, in fact she never really wanted you, you just guilt-tripped her into caring what you thought. So glad he's dead. The whole separation thing sucked and these two seriously can't communicate AT ALL. Bones is still awesome, I'm so glad Cat took the leap, and I was so fricken glad when they were back together.

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love this book, next book to this series starts now

I love Bones....

good story

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