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Der Sanfte Hauch Der Finsternis (2010)

Der sanfte Hauch der Finsternis (2010)

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About book Der Sanfte Hauch Der Finsternis (2010)

5/5 starsI wish I could get this book 6 stars or 6 million stars!Wow, here do I start! First of all Jeaniene Frost did suprise me in the end with the plot twist.The story never get bored that you want to put this dow, cuz' this book was a book that did me awake all night to read that will happend.Cat was badass and awesome as always, but there where part there she did get sometimes annoyed. I don't wanna say that Cat is a bad charaters, cuz' she's is not she is one of my favorites. But this book was not the best side of her I think. Okay, now to the possitive part of her: she was just badass.Bones was so hot but kind of annyoed, yeah my boyfriend was kind of annoyed this time. I don't wanna spoil someone but somehing happend in the half of this book that did break my heart..yeah. But Bones was just badass and together with his lover; Cat they where just badass.The ending"my hole life have been a lie" kind of...LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH AND I WANT TO READ THE REST OF THIS SERIES NOW!!!NOW!!I'M ADDICTED, MARRY ME BONES!! So..where to start with this book? First of all it was a total emotional roller coaster (and im not even pms-y) to anyone even the slightest bit emotionally invested in the characters, any of the characters. I mean i had actual tears forming at one part rage at many parts but significantly less aw moments. I feel like this one was somehow grittier than the others though i cant quite put my finger on how. Cat gets quite mopey in this one but rather than it annoying me i actually liked it (though probably only because it didnt drag out very long) because it showed another side than just her kicking ass. On the flip side Bones shows his more cold brutal side in this one...and while i cant say i liked him very much at those points i have to admit the writing was superb. the romance was sort of touch and go and i found it rather annoying that they kept having the same fight over and over the makeup sex though...almost made it worth it. Plot wise this one packed quite a punch. It was action packed but had plenty of lulls and even some depressing valleys in between. I liked that frost didnt keep you in suspense but told you almost from the start the mysterious connection with the new vamp. Before you bones fans get up in arms though no need to worry...well i wont give it away but bones will not be replaced in your heart trust me. Overall the writing in this one was very good but some of the scene change/time jumps as well as some tenses were awkwardly done. i think i could probably overlook the awkward writing but the whole lets constantly fight about the same exact thing makes me give this 4.5 stars rather than the full 5 the emotional turmoil wouldve netted it. Im left wondering though whether i should stop reading the series here because i just dont think she can top this one and i prefer to end on a high note

Do You like book Der Sanfte Hauch Der Finsternis (2010)?

These books are like an addictions. Once you start, you have to finish. And they are so good!

Awful. This book is the epitome of retconning a character's past for no good reason.

This was the best one yet. It was action packed.

This book was a great read!


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