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Der Chinese (2008)

Der Chinese (2008)

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Zsolnay und Deuticke

About book Der Chinese (2008)

On sent l'auteur engagé politiquement, mais les pages et pages de réflexion sur la politique de Mao et les introspections de l'héroïne se traînent et ralentissent le rythme. Dommage. J'aurais également aimé en savoir plus sur le crime qui ouvre le livre et les inspecteurs qui s'en occupent ; on n'en entend quasiment plus parler dans la deuxième moitié du roman. Un plutôt bon thriller donc, bien qu'inégal. This story ends well, and has a wonderful main character. Brigitta Roslin is a middle-aged judge in Sweden with a marriage that has stopped being a source of nourishment. A series of odd murders in northern Sweden captures Judge Roslin's attention and this ultimately leads her to China, London, and other locals. The author, Henning Mankell, taking along detour through China in the mid-nineteenth century and tries to connect it up to the murders in northern Sweden that pull Judge Roslin in, and almost get her killed. It was a long detour and I am not sure it was worth the trip. The last 100 pages are quite suspenseful. The story is well crafted and I love that the main character is a judge in her fifties...

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I hate skimming books but I could not get interested in this one no matter how hard I tried.

Missed Wallender. The Judge does not replace him. Compelling plot.

Interesting perspective and a suspenseful read.

W/ Laurie

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