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Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 07 (2011)

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 07 (2011)

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For my inner rereader:- Akira (the guy who looks like her brother) kisses Teru. FIRST KISS BY PSYCHOPATH, yay! - Teru tells Daisy who then writes that he wished he could kiss her so that this guy's kiss would be forgotten. Eek! :D He then says it's a joke, though. Sure, Daisy. Sure.- More memories about Teru's brother who muuch earlier told Janitor-san to always remember his past because the painful memories will definitely become the knowledge he'll need to protect himself and the people he loves. THERE. THERE is the solution, the answer that will set him free, the everything. ASDLKJ. This volume is a turning point for the Dengeki Daisy series. A lot happens that sets up the plot for future books, but I never had the feeling that it was simply a place holder.Kurosaki can't take the secrecy anymore. He wants to tell Teru not only that he's Daisy but that he loves her (he doesn't say this outright, but that was my impression). He is becoming increasingly protective of Teru and doesn't have as many rude janitor/master moments with her. I missed some of this, but their relationship is growing into a sarcastic bantering one rather than an over the top faux worship and hatred one.In anticipation of the big reveal, Kurosaki invites Teru out on their "first date." Teru gets to pick where they go. I loved all the choices she contemplated - including painting kokeshi dolls - weird ideas for a first date. She settles on an amusement park. It's hilarious seeing Kurosaki make his way through an amusement park. It doesn't feel like his place.But alas, evil Akira comes to tear apart the happy couple just before things start getting really good. The volume ends with a huge, heart breaking cliffhanger. I'm sure things will work out in the end, but my heart ached for both Teru and Kurosaki.On the bright side, there is an incredibly passionate moment between Teru and Kurosaki midway through the volume. I love how drawings of characters just looking at each other can feel much more intimate and passionate than kissing. A big squeal moment.Another good Dengeki Daisy volume!

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I may have cried at the end of the volume.....maybe.....OK I DID FUCK

Such an emotional book.I just want to hug them both.

Can I cry? I want to cry at the end of this one....


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