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Demasiado Lejos (2011)

Demasiado lejos (2011)

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I'm hearing and reading a lot of disappointment in recent volumes of Kirkman's Walking Dead. The criticism is similar to my own eventual criticism of Y The Last Man: it's become redundant, it's not going anywhere, it's gotten too repetitive...Maybe absence does make the heart grow more suspense hungry. I took a two year break from Walking Dead and now find, jumping in with volumes 12 and 13, the stories, situations, characters and conflicts as compelling as ever. I still want to know what happens next. YMMV. Up until 4:30 a.m. reading three of the four TPBs (vols. 11-14) I took out from my local public library. I now have a sense where the remainder of this season might go, though that's never guaranteed, given how much different the TV adaptation is from the comics.I've enjoyed the comics immensely so far, though I often have to take a looooong break. While the intellectual side of me knows that these are parables about societal priorities and the very thin veneer of civilization we all seem to have, emotionally they're a punch in the stomach. Or worse.

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Where exactly is he going with this storyline? If things get too comfy, there's no more story ;)

These books always leave me wanting to read more, they are captivating and very hard to put down

Just watched it. For now, I got no plans for buying a copy.

amazing ending


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