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Deeper We Fall (2013)

Deeper We Fall (2013)

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About book Deeper We Fall (2013)

Such a great book. I fell in love with Charlotte and Zan. I wanted to throttle Zack and smack Katie upside the head a few times. But that is what a book is supposed to do. I enjoyed Will and all the Star Wars references. It is just an all around good feeling book. Lottie (Charlotte) averts tragedy by being refusing to get in a vehicle with a drunk Zack and unlicensed Zan. Her best friend Lexie is so enamored with Zack that she decides to go anyway. The three do not make it home. Zan is sent away and Zack carries on in his own a**hole fashion but Lexie is left permanently damaged. Lottie starts college with the hope of starting fresh, that is until she finds out her roommate's boyfriend is Zack. Then she runs into Zan. The Brothers of Doom as she calls them. She holds extreme rage for these two because of what happened to her friend. But there are secrets that have yet to come out and Zack has some serious deep seeded issues. Zan is not the monster she believes him to be. Is it right to want someone you hate?Great story of friends, heartache, tragedy, secrets and moving on. A must read! Este libro llevaba en mi estantería electrónica mucho pero mucho tiempo, hasta que me decidí a desempolvar y me anime a leerlo yyyyy valeeee, valió la pena, fue una lectura muuuy agradable, adore totalmente a Lottie y la relación que tenia con su gemelo Will, "Radar de Gemelos", jajaja enserio los ame! La trama de la historia es interesante, nos enseña lo que uno es capaz de hacer por las personas que ama, así como la capacidad que puede tener una persona para perdonar y otorgar segundas oportunidad, a quienes las merecen clarooooo, y también la importancia de la amistad, ya que en ocasiones los amigos pueden convertirse en familia. Me encanto que les llevara su tiempo a Zan y Lottie llegar a tener una relación, era obvio que el estaba mas que enamorado, pero ella debido a lo ocurrido era renuente a aceptar lo que sentía. Ya escribí que me gustaron los gemelos? jajajaja es que enserio fueron geniales!Bueno, Deeper we fall es una historia divertida, romanticona y un poquito misteriosa, definitivamente pasas un buen rato leyéndola, así que tómenla en cuenta ;)

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Had an E-Copy of this from NetGalley.This was so good. Perfect characters, I love them!

Loved Charlotte and zan! Such a great book i can't wait for the rest of the series !!

Good first half , boring second half.

Loved it!Loved it!Loved it!

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