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Deep Obsession (2013)

Deep Obsession (2013)

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emily jane trent

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This review is meant for installments #4 through #12.Our dominant billionaire Tanner continues to amaze and enrapture Natalie. Being so innocent, Tanner is taking charge of her sex education into the dark corners of passion.These installments give us very hot sexy scenes plus plot and character development showing the changes this passionate romance has on both our main characters. Owning her own sexuality is difficult for Natalie. She has grown from an innocent virgin, into Tanner's goddess of kink. In order for her to accept her desires, she has had to come to believe that what she is feeling is not a deviant desire where she can loose her sense of self. Tanner's patience and understanding is the catalyst to enabling Natalie to come to terms with reality. Our author has done a great job of developing these characters to the point you as the reader will feel deeply empathetic to their feelings and handling of the obstacles that arise.Tanner's jealousy is forever an issue. Whether because he is so controlling or because he feels insecure, his reactions are meteoric if any man looks at Natalie or he perceives any interest on her part toward a male person.It impressed me how Natalie's character reacts to Tanner's emotions. Although she might be upset with him, she never really looses control of her temper and always reacts with deep love and understanding. Somehow the love she feels for him helps her deal with his temper and remain loving and forgiving. I think this is why once he has calmed down, Tanner always promises to do better and his love grows for her. Now if she would only concede to not dressing so alluring when they go out, he might be able to deal with his jealousy better.This was a great series to read. It is erotica at its best! Full of love, passion and sexual encounters that are each uniquely orchestrated and described. Top that with a plot line that draws you in and you have a winner!

I received a copy of this book from the author to provide an honest review!The fifth book in the series continues with the love story between Tanner and Natalie. Tanner has finally confessed his love to Natalie and is embracing their relationship, however this time Natalie is the one having doubts! She is under no illusion that she is deeply in love with Tanner, but is it obsession with his dominance? The difference with this book from the others is the sort of reversal in approaches to the relationship Natalie is now the one with reservations, but not for her lack of devotion but of the overwhelming joys she gets from their taboo sex life, should she really being enjoying it ths much?! There is also an element of jealousy in this novella, towards Jazzy (Natalie's sister) with her upcoming wedding to Ellis, Natalie finds herself wondering if this will ever be the outcome for her and Tanner? Or is it that her relationship isn't your typical fairy tale romance with the happily ever after?Must again commend the author on the fast pace, no fuss approach to the book, I don't have time for the butterflies and rainbows of love, I just wanna get down to the nitty gritty, which this had in abundance! Love it!Highly recommend this series and look forward to reading the next in the series.

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The intensity between Natalie and Tanner climbs the charts in this installment as Natalie realizes she is obsessed with Tanner and is wondering if it's too much as she craves his punishments for her. On the flip side, Tanner is crazy possessive and gets extremely jealous if Natalie even glances at another man which feeds into Natalie's need to be punished. Will these 2 be able to handle their intense emotions for each other? Emily Jane Trent does a wonderful job balancing the intensity of their passion with their strong romantic connection. Definitely enjoying exploring Natalie and Tanner's relationship.

Okay, that's it. I'm stopping here for now. I am perfectly fine with the hero being obsessed with his heroine. In fact, obsessed heroes are my fucking favorite (although the hero in this series was possessive in an unconvincing way). But a heroine obsessed with the guy...?No. Just no.Plus, I just noticed some scenarios in this series were very similar to Fifty Shades. Like that scene when Tanner played the Moonlight Sonata on the piano with Natalie watching him. Ring any bells? It kind of reminds me of Christian Grey playing Chopin's Prelude in E minor in Fifty Shades. And there were a lot more.I'm giving this 2 stars because, well, I love the sex scenes. But that's all. Will I read more from this author? Probably, yes. Will I continue reading this series? Let's see, hmmmmmmmmm NO. Okay, maybe someday. But for now, no.
—Kitten Mercer

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*Book 5 starts us off in Russia with a visit to Cheryl and Dani. The girls go shopping on the Russian equivalent of Rodeo Drive and shop until they drop. Natalie realizes her designs would fit in well with the Russian women and becomes more excited for her meeting. Her designs will be sold in 3 different countries!When they return to the states, they are met with the paparazzi and soon Tanner's secret is out. This chaos just adds further stress to Natalie's already stressful life. But at what cost? Her safety? Her relationship? As one would expect there's more sex in this novella as Natalie and Tanner explore each others limits in the Playroom. We wouldn't expect anything less from this series.This series is very well written. The author conveys what the characters are feeling so smoothly it's easy to connect with them. I can't wait to see what the next novella brings..

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