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Deathwish (2009)

Deathwish (2009)

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Well another book down in this series and I must admit every time I pick one up I question doing so since Cal Leandros is such a whiney Character hes hard to stand at times. However I was mildly surprised to say the least that Cal appeared to be less whiney in this book by quite a large margin, and more of his snarky attitude came through than anything else which I can live with and enjoy. Different for this book than previous instalments was the split between two character views, giving us a looking inside Niko's head for a change which was fun as I looked forward to his parts more than Cal's if I'm honest, since the support characters for Rob Thurman's main have always seemed so better written. Like the previous instalments in this series this book is full of action, worrying about vastly superior enemies and then trying to work out how to make that advantage mean nothing and put them out for the count.There's an interesting sideplot which I think was in there mainly to give Niko's side of the book a lot more "oomph" than it otherwise would have had if it was just entirely worrying about Cal all the time and fit in well alongside the main story and gave a nice device to keep you guessing different parts of what's going on.Overall I think this book did very well, im not giving it a 5 because honestly its not up to par with the majority of things I've given 5's to previously, but its definitely a strong book and has me invested in finding out how the series continues. The series continues to improve with each book. Cal has grown up a little, and is far less angsty now. Oh, there's still angst, it's just in smaller amounts than before, with some newfound maturity to balance it out. And we finally get to go inside Niko's head! His "voice" is a little dry, but the insight is greatly appreciated. I thought one or so things resolved a bit too easily in the end, but with the stakes as high as they were, there really wasn't a truly plausible way for the good guys to win out in the end, so I guess I'll allow it. Looking forward to see where the series goes from here...

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Nice look into Niko and his vampire girlfriend...ok reading, a lil predictable but still enjoyable.

Shifting POV a bit disruptive, but smoothed out and worked well.

Great writing, great story, great characters. Go Thurman!

3.5 stars


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