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Death Shoots A Birdie (2007)

Death Shoots a Birdie (2007)

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I paid 33 cents for this book, new, on clearance from a local dollar store. Now that I have read it, my first impression is maybe I paid too I thought alot of the action in the swamp in the last few chapters was very far fetched. Another aspect of the book I had trouble with was distinguishing true-to-history narratives from the fiction (i.e., short bio on Phoebe Snetsinger in Chapter 1, history of Philip Berolzheimer's Eagle Pencil Company in Chapter 9). I am assuming that Harry McKinlay and the Hyde Island Company is the author's fiction. A playmaker in the book's plot was the ivory-billed woodpecker. The notoriety of a man who claimed to have sighted one in Arkansas is mentioned in Chapter 9. I remember when the sighting made news hubbub since I live 150 miles or so from that particular refuge in Arkansas. On the lighter side, I thought when Rachel, the main character, was hid under Guy Saxby's hotel bed was entertaining. However, there are many more cozy mystery series available to spend one's time with other than this birdwatcher series.

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