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Death Comes To Pemberley (2011)

Death Comes to Pemberley (2011)

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About book Death Comes To Pemberley (2011)

[library audiobook, plot summary elsewhere]A disappointment, after Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Maybe I have to read, or listen to, the real Pride and Prejudice to fairly judge these as more than a spoofing entertainment. The reader was pretty flat. The Elizabeth Bennett character had no color, no spunk, essentially no role in moving the plot. The fawning on the grandeur and conspicuous consumption of the British country estates started out as tiresome - is that true of the original Jane Austen? The plot emerged slowly, with rabbits pulled out of the hat at the end.I'm not a PD James fan to begin with, this won't move me in her direction. Initially I was going to give this 3 stars as a solid, quick little diversion with some old, familiar friends. But upon reflection, it is below average. I have read a great deal of fanfiction, a great deal based on Austen's work, especially P&P. This story offered no further insight into anyone's character or motivations. Oh, it explained some of them, but nothing was backed up by the characters' actions. Even worse for a mystery novel: there was no mystery. Certainly someone was killed. But at no point did the story provide an interesting development. Wickham didn't do it. Lydia didn't do it. Darcy and the Colonel didn't do it. No one we knew actually committed the crime. As for its impact: we see none! Yes, everyone is described as either tired, hysterical, nervous, or some combination of the above, but we never feel it. We don't know what Lydia feels of the whole ordeal. Elizabeth and Darcy both have some misgivings, but it never causes them any significant strain. And for some reason the servants' first instinct is to avoid embarrassment to the Darcy family! I understand that their well-being strongly depends on Darcy's happiness and prosperity, and we are told again and again about the responsibility of a good master to those under his care, but we hardly ever see its manifestation. The characterization was just too weak and surface. People like Darcy and Elizabeth cannot live in as much accord under such stress. They do have an annoying heart-to-heart conversation in the epilogue, but it feels disingenuous. It is a conversation they should have held early on in their marriage, and one that should have caused continuous debate between them.

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Absolutely AMAZING. True to Austen.

It is not Agatha Christie.

Mildly interesting.

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