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Death By Deep Dish Pie (2004)

Death by Deep Dish Pie (2004)

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It was an entertaining read as well as informative, though I really can't say it was a book I would recommend to anybody who likes mystery novels. I love the stain removal tips, but have not tried one yet. That's all.Just kidding!The novel's cover art was eye catching as well as the title "Death by Deep Dish Pie"(come on now, if you read something like that, you will be like Josie Toadfern yourself, curious as hell), when I read the excerpt at the back I was like "I will buy this book" and I did buy it after a lot of arguments with my "inner goddess", but when I was on the process of reading- I called it process cause I was like half asleep or half- hallucinating with the utopia thing(I love the outdoors!). I came up with the conclusion that I expected too much with the book and it just let me down on a spiral haywire(not the author's fault, by the way! It's just me).You better read it to see what I mean, or maybe not.

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