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Deadman Wonderland #1 (2012)

Deadman Wonderland #1 (2012)

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About book Deadman Wonderland #1 (2012)

Take-Out Review: Gruesome directly to the point of necessity, illustrating the nature of the story's elements. It's a welcome kind of blood and guts. Without it, the story is viscerally lacking the truth of the brutality.Much better plot and characters are here versus other manga of this nature. I deduct a star for having a supporting character, who is a guard of sorts in the prison, glibly tell a new inmate her bust size is G. What's up with manga and breasts? Freakish enough it's in the heads of the people creating and reading but to put it on the page in a non-satirical way just makes me roll my eyes and mutter, "Pervs."Perviness aside, this has a ton of hidden and partially revealed surprises that range from the supernatural to the bad-guy-plotting-evil. I'll definitely read the next volume or two for sure, and if it stays focused and on-point, I'll be a real fan. Love it! Twisted background stories that each character carries and their mad mind! I always enjoyed something out of the ordinary. Lots of action. Lots of blood. Interesting story, how everyone with differently personalities and differently skills all unite and become friends.Keeps me on edge because of the action. Yes it does remind me of abit of battle royale but it is still good because I think its more than just killing for fun. Not your usual bunch of good guys. Everyone is a sinner but they all still carry some hope in life.A manga I would buy and keep as a collection.

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the manga is way better then the anime version! loved it more and i'm hooked!

didn't know manga was on here lol

3,5 stars


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