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Deadly Offerings (2012)

Deadly Offerings (2012)

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First let me start of by saying that I have never seen so many pronouns in my life! I felt as if I was back in a circle of "he said, she said" drama in high school. Jeez, can you be more annoying? The answer is yes, yes you can.Are all the characters sex deprived? Since when is it more important to put your libido before your safety from a psychopath? And why are all of the characters the same?Yes, thats what i said; THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! In what world are all men huge like "The Rock", with a highly demanding presence, and have a way of pushing (and I do mean PUSHING!) themselfs into these women's lives? While all women, having long hair, long legs, a stubborn do it myself attitude, and stupid ignorance to their own lack of ability to handle themselves? What is the point of having more than one character if there isn't any diversity? Altogether? Lets just say it was boring. I was hoping for more of a thriller instead of this lusting pile of pronouns. Love Michael. But I wanna smack Anne. Really?!? She needs to use her brain & connect the dots. Even when she was a red head she was acting like a ditzy blonde. But it was especially the blonde-ish moment when she did change her hair color to blonde. "Why did an FBI agent put me in his car trunk, it doesn't make sense!" *scoff* yeah right! Go figured, Stupid! & what did Michael thinks of assigning Edward to be a prosecutor when he didn't have the "smarts" to routinely check the a simple task which is to do a background check of that said FBI AGENT? Tsk2x!Anyway, it was still entertaining to read. It was a good enough read, I just wish it was more thought out because ALL the characters comes across as stupid & amateurish.I do want to read the next book though. :)

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Captivating! I couldn't put it down.

Really enjoyed this book!

Good book.

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