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Deadly Desire (2009)

Deadly Desire (2009)

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In Deadly Desire we, once again, see Riley regressing to the person she was in the first book. Her horrible taste in men comes into play as well. Kye, killer for hire, returns to town, and instead of having him arrested, Riley flirts and plays games with him. She shows no appreciation for Quinn, or the relationship they have built together. The repetitiveness of threats Riley continuously throws at Kye is obnoxious, particularly since it's clear she has no intention of following through on them. The last Riley Jenson novel I own has been reread! I'll have to go out and find the eighth to continue the series, something I intend to do. This book moved the series along quite well, Riley has had some serious developments in both her physic abilities and her emotional growth (Hello, Kye!). I was cheering for Kye since day one, and am interested in seeing what happens there, especially with Quinn still in the picture. And Quinn had better stay around!

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OMG! This was my favorite so far. Her dilemma speechless no words....

Good read!


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