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Dead Is So Last Year (2009)

Dead Is So Last Year (2009)

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0152062165 (ISBN13: 9780152062163)
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About book Dead Is So Last Year (2009)

Daisy's mom is in Italy working on a case while she is stuck at home with her two sisters Rose and Poppy, getting ready to have some fun in the summer time. Well that what they think until daisy sees Mrs. Mason. And Mrs. Mason just got into the donut shop a few min ago. Why are there two people? Dopplegangers is why. And if you ever run into your own doppleganger, lets just say things will get a bit messy. This book was pretty good. Personally, I don't think that this one was my favorite in the series because I just thought this one was the least interesting. I liked the idea of the Doppelgangers and how the doctor's name was Dr. Fraken. I mean, how much more obvious could you get!!! I liked how Daisy's dad's Doppelganger was nice to her in the end and how he said that he wished he could have been her real dad.I liked this book because it was a quick, and light read that I read when I had a break. It was great because it has this quickness and the story is more fast-paced and I can fit it in between dance classes. I also liked it because you don't necessarily have to read the books of this series' in order. You can switch them upand read what ever is at the library. I think that thirteen year olds and maybe twelve would enjoy these books and I really liked them.

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Meh. Really a 2.5, but I'm rounding up.

Somewhat predictable but a quick read.

Fun to solve mysteries :)

I didn't enjoy it.

i like it

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