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De Wintergeest (2010)

De wintergeest (2010)

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9047511565 (ISBN13: 9789047511564)

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One couldn't help but feel sorry for Freddie and his long struggle to come to terms with his brother's disappearance during WWI, and how his family shut him out of the grieving process. When Fabrissa was introduced it didn't take long to realize she was a ghost, the surprise was how long ago she really existed. The book was mesmerizing I recommend it to anyone that needs a change of pace in their readings. Set in the 1920s and with neat period touches in terms of the language used by the principle character this is a classic English ghost story.A simple story but beautifully written, packed with emotion and period feeling. Its origins in the "quick reads" series are clear and there are no surprises, but it was still a story I wanted to see through, a journey I wanted to take with this character. A good read.

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Beautifully written bookLoved the story line and the historical content of the book

Enjoyed it - great ghost story!

3.5 stars.

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