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De Laatste Envelop (2011)

De laatste envelop (2011)

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About book De Laatste Envelop (2011)

It is weird that I like a sequel better than the first book, but this was the case with this book. when I found out that this book existed and I had read the summary I was very doubtful about reading it, since the first one hadn't made a very lasting impression on me. But boy am I glad I did. I loved how Ginny was portrayed here and, even though sometimes i didn't agree with her thoughts, i found myself liking her a lot more than in the first book. But maybe that's the whole thing about this books. During the first one, she is just this girl who has been burdened with this crazy set of tasks by her dead aunt, and she has to figure out all by herself how to survive in a whole different continent and countries. But in this second book, she is not that girl anymore. The first trip change her and you can see it in how the author portrayed her here. Had that last blue envelope not being stolen in the first book, we might have never gotten to see this side of Ginny. Because yes, the trip would've ended and she would've still being changed, but we probably wouldn't have been able to see it, and see her developing new friendships and relationships with a completely different mind. Anyway, this was going to be about how I had liked the second book more than the first one and ended up being longer than I have expected. Loved the book and while I wasn't interested in reading this at first, I would totally read a continuation to this book. Ginny is now a senior and front and center in her mind is applying for colleges. She is struggling with an application essay when she receives a letter. When she reads the letter, she learns that a London teen named Oliver has found her bag which contained all 13 envelopes. If Ginny wants to see the last envelope, which was stolen in the first book, she will have to travel to Europe once again and meet with Oliver. Ginny makes this trip with the hope to not only discover what was written in the last letter but also to reunite with Keith, her love interest in 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Oliver won't turn over the envelopes unless Ginny agrees to help him. The last letter is a set of clues that will lead them to 3 different paintings, which need to be assembled into Ginny's aunt's final creation. Oliver wants Ginny to travel with him to help him find the pieces and then he wants half of the proceeds when the final piece is auctioned off. Ginny reluctantly agrees and she once again sets off on a European adventure.I loved the first book. Fans of 13 Little Blue Envelopes will not be disappointed by this follow up. Ginny is such a likeable and engaging character. The clues and misadventures in this novel are also a lot of fun too. There may be more laughs in this novel as compared to the first. My only critique was that it didn't have the same emotional impact as the first novel. This however didn't stand in the way of making this a fun and enjoyable way to spend a summer afternoon. These two books are perfect for those who enjoy teen road trip books with a splash of mystery.

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I enjoyed this book! I was happy Maureen Johnson made a sequel because a sequel was needed.

i loved this series!!!!!!!! does anyone know if there is a third book?

Not as good as the first book, but I definitely loved the ending

Didn't really like the books :(

The first book was better...

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