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De Dag Dat Alles Anders Werd (2012)

De dag dat alles anders werd (2012)

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About book De Dag Dat Alles Anders Werd (2012)

It made me so sad after I read the book, after Laurel's parents and little brother Toby died in a car accident. Laurel had a rough time ever since her parents died and she managed to keep going after what happened even though it's hard. I don't know what I would do if my parents died but, I would keep going through my life. I thought it was cool when Laurel became friends with David, the next door neighbors son, whose mom died from the car wreck and whose dad is in the hospital, Lauren and David became friends which got me happy.. I enjoyed how this novel was very similar to real life. I understand that it is a contemporary YA but most novels that have a young protagonist faced with death often hurry up the grieving process by inserting romance. This book didn't have that. It took Laurel forever to begin to move on from the death of her family and I believe that that was incredibly realistic.However, when I read, I want to be taken into a different kind of world. I felt like Laurel's relationship with Joe and with David was too much. It was like she didn't even know what she wanted but she kind of did at the same time.There was no conflict. Just an event that happens in the beginning of the book and the aftermath with Laurel's friends, school, and the remainder of her family.David was annoying to me. It was almost like he was playing the sad card but was really just trying to use Laurel and her grandmother.Joe was just a filler....This book was ehh to me. I felt like it was a good topic but too heavy on the grief and no plot line.

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Beautiful writing. I don't have any negative thoughts nor negative comments about this book.

A gripping storyline... I loved the ending.

Painfully Beautiful.

love it

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