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Day After Night (2009)

Day After Night (2009)

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0743299841 (ISBN13: 9780743299848)
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About book Day After Night (2009)

Еще одна шикарная книга из серии Vintage Story. История 4 девушек, попавших в 1945 году близ Атлита в лагерь для задержанных "нелегальных репатриантов". В книги рассказывается истории этих девушек, истории их потерь, истории их жизней до лагеря и описывается их жизнь в лагере. Невероятно трогательная и печальная книга. Не уверенна, что это достоверная история, но описывает она реально известные события, происходившие в Атлите в 1945 году. Лично меня очень тронула их история! A wonderful story about some fictitious women at a real place and time in history. Before reading this novel, I had never considered the question: What happened to all the Jews in Europe who actually SURVIVED the Holocaust? Everyone, including student, knows what happened to those who perished at the hands of the Nazis. But the survivor stories are at least equally compelling. Survivors had to carve new lives out of nothing, and sometimes had no loved ones left. This life-affirming story follows 4 very different women thrown together in a moment of time created from evil, but with new life and hope at the end. An outstanding book.

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Interesting Holocaust follow up following 4 main girls at an interment camp post war.

3.5 stars. feel as though it was a bit short. I would have liked more story

Good enough to finish but not as good as Red Tent

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