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Date Me (2013)

Date Me (2013)

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About book Date Me (2013)

LIKE I SAID....I lost all my reviews when my account was deleted so I will just say AIDEN IS THE REASON I READ THIS SERIES ... I ADORE HIMThis wasn't my favorite of the series, I don't like the back & forth that Keatyn does. I think she is very childish & confused. I would be mortified if my daughters only thought about why a guy didn't want to sleep with them, god I hope I've raised girls that have more self esteem & respect for themselves them Keatyn does. I do like the storyline though. But like I said if it wasn't for THE GOD OF ALL HOTTIES I would stick to a more mature series.... Gossip girl, mean girl, clueless, reality tv drama all mixed into this series. It's a train wreck with over privileged teenagers worried about who's with who and who's doing it, with a little bit of mystery. Even though it's a train wreck, the drama captures you, and makes you want more of it. Not my typical cup of tea, but it's a good fun waste of time if ur looking for a bit of entertainment.

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These books just keep getting better and better!!!!! I'm so addicted to them. #TeamAiden

Omg. What a great read!!! Can we say Team Aiden! Yay! So glad Dawson messed up.

yummy. second read 10/14

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