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Darker Than Midnight (2005)

Darker than Midnight (2005)

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About book Darker Than Midnight (2005)

I just happened to see this book featured at a local bookstore, and thought I'd give a try-- I'm really glad I did. This was the first novel I have ever read by Maggie Shayne, but it will certainly not be the last. I was somewhat surprised to find out Shayne has written over 40 novels-- she does come accross as a seasoned storyteller in her writing, but the characters have such a "that-could-be-me-or-my-friend" everyday appeal to them. This book isn't actually a sequal, however there are characters that appear in Darker Than Midnight that have more leading roles in Shayne's novel Colder Than Ice. While I wish I would have known about and read "Ice" prior to "Midnight," Shayne explains enough for you to receive a hint of background and understanding of why/how each character plays into part. The characters come together when police lieutenant Cassandra "Jax" Jackson revisits Vermont after being offered a position as Chief of Police in the small town of Blackberry. Current Chief and acquaintance Frankie Parker will be retiring in 2 weeks or less-- just enough time for Jax to make her decision while spending her 2 week vacation in the house "donated" by the city to the new chief(whoever that may turn out to be). Enter Michael "River" Corbett, a man in the state mental hospital, heavily drugged and suffering from blackouts. Convicted of murdering his wife, River actually doesn't remember what transpired the night she died. After a few "supposed" attempts on his life, River escapes the hospital and searches for the truth. After saving Jax's life one evening, River stays the night with her (only so he won't freeze to death outside), and she becomes determined to find out who he is and why he is running. As news spreads of his escape, Jax now winds up harboring a fugitive, putting her career, and possibly life, on the line. Events unfold, stories of the characters' past come to light, and Jax finds herself compromising more than just HER life. Throw in Jax's parents, River's bestfriend Ethan (who is also his psychiatrist), and Jax's young friend Dawn (who hears and sees ghosts, but doesn't want to), and you have yourself a real ordeal. A lot of interesting, beleivable, and lovable (and hateable!) characters, Darker Than Midnight is exciting, funny, romantic and just plain good. I recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries, romance, hidden clues, and a little of the supernatural. Shayne definately leaves the book open to spinoff more of the other characters, and I hope she does just that.

My initial impression was that the author was not using words that she uses in everyday life. You can sort of tell when authors reach beyond their comfort zone and try and 'talk' in a manner that is not their usual. But I was able to overlook that for the most part.Red herrings. I hate them and this book essentially provided us with a whole net of them. From the outset this person was made to look like the killer. Everything pointed to them. Even when the new baddie was revealed it was like someone wiggling their hand in your face while trying to pick your pocket. You see it coming despite the distraction.I hate it when authors try and reinforce a trait their character has. The author kept mentioning how "Jaz" was such a good cop. Over and over again. Like she was trying to say that good cops don't arrest alleged killers. They do. But hey, this is a romance so that part I'll ignore. I just don't need to be reminded constantly that Jaz is such a awesome cop. I got it, in her world she must be awesome.It kept popping up (heh) that Jaz was very up front and brazen when it came to s3x. The author mentioned that every time Jaz thought about jumping Mr. Skin-and-Bones. I get it she likes s3x and isn't shy...shocker...I didn't know there were women like that (*sarcasm*). At least she is more unique in the romance far as I have read.Doubt I'll read this one again.

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Wow! talk about a tense, haunting, page turning read!!!From back cover:"Some people will do anything - and kill anyone - to keep their secrets locked away.Michael "River" Corbett - Confined in the state mental hospital and heavily drugged since the death of his wife, River cannot remember what truly happened the night he was arrested for her murder. But now someone is trying to kill him, and he is forced to run for his life. A fugitive from the law and from someone who wants him dead, all he wants is the truth.Cassandra "Jax" Jackson - The uncompromising police lieutenant knows she's putting her career on the line when she encounters this desperate stranger and doesn't turn him in. Something in River's eyes has Jax convinced he's worth saving...whether he wants it or not.Dawn Jones- The daughter of a madman, Jax's young friend is haunted by voices she doesn't want to hear. But she can no longer ignore the curse she inherited from her twisted father - because unless she listens to what the dead are telling her, Jax might be doomed to join them."**Just a side note to those of you who have read "Thicker Than Water" and "Colder Than Ice"...remember Mordecai??? Then read this one too!

3rd and final book in the Mordecai Young series.Lieutenant Jackson aka Jax finally has her own book. We still see some of our fav characters from the two previous books. Dawn is back so is Bryan, Beth and Josh. We also get Jax's back story as well as a new main character the escaped mental patinet River. This book has so many things going on some might get lost but it is a crazy ride from start to finish. Right off the bat you get emotional drama of Jax back story that plays right along with what is happening today in the quiet town of Blackberry. It seems so obvious who done it I alomst didn't want to keep reading but I kept saying no thats too easy something else has to happen. Maggie Shayne did not dissappoint, I was definatly entertained and entralled by most of the story.I just kept wishing Dawn was in it more or we could actually find out more about her new "gift". She did help save Jax eventually with her "gift" but it was a bumpy ride for her. I could say more but don't want to spoil anything for future readers, but I will say this the bodies pill up again in this book and the ending. didn't see that coming.I'd give it a 3.5 overall.
—Heather *lost in my own world*

Cassandra “Jax” Jackson goes to Blackberry, VT after being offered the job as the new Chief of Police. Who said small towns are sleepy? When an escaped mental patient saves her from drowning, Jax makes it her mission to clear him of the murder of his wife and unborn child. Michael “River” Corbett used to be a hero at the NYPD, but after taking a bullet to the brain, he suffers from blackouts and missing time. Did he really kill his pregnant wife? He doesn’t remember. With Jax’s help, he intends to find out once and for all. Aside from being somewhat predictable, this is actually a decent romantic suspense novel. I liked the characters, the police work, the action. Having the girl with ESP conveniently getting clues from dead people at the end, nearly ruined it for me, but not completely. ESP girl could have worked had she been more involved in the first half of the book. I was also disappointed that the reader (meaning me) was able to figure out the killer before the two seasoned cops and without the aid of ESP girl. While the mystery left me lukewarm, the relationship between Jax and River was red hot! I really loved the compassion they showed for each other and the gradual descent into love. Jax’s father was also a very touching secondary character. Rex the dog was cute, too.While this is the first book I have read by Maggie Shayne, it is actually the third in a series. Coming in where I did was not confusing. Shayne does well with getting the reader up to speed. Overall, I give Darker Than Midnight…Plot – 2 ½ bookmarksCharacter Development – 3 bookmarksUse of the Paranormal – 1 bookmarkLove Story – 3 bookmarksDream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Mark Wahlberg (River), Anna Torv (Jax)

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