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Dark Flame (2010)

Dark Flame (2010)

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0312590970 (ISBN13: 9780312590970)
St. Martin's Griffin

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dos por que la remonta al final, pero al principio ay dios la protagonista es insoportablemente estúpida, y taantos problemas iba a tener? please bitch. no me gustó. y el final? otro problema mas, un gancho gigante para el otro libro, sabes que alyson noel? agarre el último libro y me leí el final, tomá. le dí 3 oportunidades a esta autora, TRES. no leeré más su saga. #sorrynotsorry #indignada If it wasn't for my curiosity I would have stop reading this series but I really want to know how it ends. Don't like to leave things hangging. I can't understand how the author really mess up her character. Cause I have never "met" a character so dumb and that is putting it mild. I though that certain character from a nother book was a suffer all because of her bad choices, but this girlie here is not only bad choices but is hardhead, dumb, stupid, and more. It makes the reader to want to quit reading the book and is a shame cause the story line is very interesting.

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She should have told Damen.

So So GOOD To READ......

it was good.

adooooore it

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