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Dark Fire (2009)

Dark Fire (2009)

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1846169550 (ISBN13: 9781846169557)
Orchard (NY)

About book Dark Fire (2009)

I thought it had a good plot. However, It began to be tenuous to have some sort of plot changing twist in each chapter. Eventually, I was tired of reading it because there was always something else and then there was a cliffhanger and then it was explained and then another twist was added to the one before that. It just went on and on and on. I also think the ending was a bit sudden and didn't resolve anything for me. Very original concept though. So it had taken me a few days to finally fathom my thoughts about this one. And I've gotta say, this was another bad yet kinda good in some way episode.The fifth installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles had just gotten a bit darker and actually contained a number of unfortunate demise. But I've only had those doleful moments rather transient 'cause I just wasn't getting it. Not only did it have a BUNCH of plot lines to follow (which you'll be lost wandering in case you had missed something), but the intensity of those subplots had escalated quite quickly which left me turn the pages forthwith and contemplating about what had just happened and what'd happen next. I think that's a good thing, really. LOL. Props to the author for making that happen. But anyway, it had certainly taken the previous book up a notch albeit it's not quite there yet where I'm so WOW-ed up to my core. But I'm hoping it'll get better and better for the end of the series is finally approaching. Also, I'd like to mention this one moment in the book where David Rain (oops) was thinking back to the time when he was just a normal guy who applied as a tenant in the Pennykettle household, and then kinda got involved with the history of dragons which apparently is of great importance. He was like saying goodbye to the world or something. It was a bit melodramatic but I liked it, anyway. LOL.I've actually started reading Fire World, the next book in the series; and I'm liking it so far. I hope it just gets better eventually. No more confusing subplots though I know d'Lacey's writing-style can be really confusing at times. But I've somehow learned to forgive him for that. Ha-ha. Just don't kill my precious clay dragons. I love 'em.

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I rate this book a 4 because i was missing its flair because one of the main characters was gone.

It was the best one so far and it made me just so excited for the next book can't wait to read it

Loved these books to death when I was little. Pure genius.


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