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Dane (2000)

Dane (2000)

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2 1/2 starsSuper short but steamy. Not bad for a novella. Dane and Charlotte used to be an item, but due to family issues and personal issues, Dane left to find himself and to better himself for Charlotte, only to come home and find her gone. When Dane finally returns home, he wants nothing more than to have his woman back. Charlotte puts up a half-assed fight and they end up back in bed. Dane discovers Charlotte gave birth to his son and wants to be a family. This could have been better if it was longer. Dane never even set eyes on the son he's never knew about. Besides the sex, this book was lacking. Dane was an exceptionally short read. Although I enjoyed it, I felt as if so much was missing, from the character development to the plot. The characters definitely could have benefited from more of a back story, especially if it flowed naturally, rather than just plopped down in the intro. Additionally, the plot was so fast-paced that it seemed rushed and unrealistic. Dane and Charlie have great chemistry and I would have enjoyed reading more about their actual courtship. Given Charlie's portrayal, I found her reactions to Dane impractical. That, coupled with the abrupt ending, left a lot to be desired.

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Ugh... Thank the gods it was short. And honestly, I despise reading about weak ass women...

I didn't like it. I don't why really. Maybe everything happened so fast.

Super short read but good. Was able to finish it in a couple hours.

Really nice

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