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Crazy Little Thing (2012)

Crazy Little Thing (2012)

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Montlake Romance

About book Crazy Little Thing (2012)

this book was amazing, it was a little sad because of Sadie and her divorce, but it was sweet mainly because she was able to escape to her favorite aunts house for the summer and her aunt is too funny. Sadie all and all learns more about herself in her new journey of being a single woman, if you want a quick read, and also a huge comedy because I know those that read this will love Fontaine, who is by the way her gay cousin, I know I sound all types of crazy writing this review but as crazy as my review is its exactly how the book is, all over the place but a funny read.. So this was an audiobook that I listened to. The narrator, Lori Reyes, was dreadful for me. Her voices were awful, the voice for Aunt Dody was the worst. When she did the voices of the men, she couldn't separate them out. Some sounded like the gay cousin, the stereotypical speech, when it wasn't the gay cousin. Her voice wasn't very lively when not doing special voices. I spent more time cringing than enjoying this. To me, this was just like nails on a chalkboard.The romance was okay, nothing special. Though Sadie drove me nuts. It seemed she couldn't stop making a fool of herself. How many times can you cut yourself without needing a bandage while peeling carrots all because of a voice? Some of the embarrassing moments were over the top and unbelievable. Mostly, this narration made this forgettable story unforgettable and not in a good way.

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Entertaining enough romance read about a divorcee, a hippy aunt, camp cousin, and a handsome doctor.

Shea said I haaad to read this=unputdownable. Oker.

Funny, good characters, nice romance.

A cute beach read

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