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Countdown To Terror (1993)

Countdown to Terror (1993)

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Joe thinks that the boys’ father, Fenton Hardy, is just shoving the boys off on a case to keep them out of his hair. After all, he and the boys worked on opposite sides of the case in their last fiasco, Nowhere to Run. But Frank disagrees. He thinks there’s something to this insurance scam that they’ve been sent to investigate in Halifax, Canada. And when the driver of an unknown car tries to gun them down as soon as they arrive in Halifax, it would seem he’s right.Someone seems desperate to eliminate the Hardy boys – but who? And is this really all about insurance, or are there darker schemes afoot?Discussion. Of course there are darker schemes afoot – a.k.a., atomic bombs – and of course the Hardy Boys are perfectly qualified to escape being blown up by the world’s top bomb-maker not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. Along the way they pick up a cute waitress, punch out a few bad guys, and generally save the world.I’ve said before that I don’t enjoy the Casefiles as much as the originals, and such was especially the case with this story. Not only was the tone different from the originals, but the story itself felt very disjointed. Maybe I just wasn’t involved enough in the story, but it felt like we kept bouncing around from place to place getting blown up without a plan of action or any real goals. Kinda annoying.Conclusion. Read The Sign of the Crooked Arrow, The House on the Cliff, and Hunting for Hidden Gold.Visit The Blithering Bookster to read more reviews!

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