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Contrato Blindado (2014)

Contrato blindado (2014)

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About book Contrato Blindado (2014)

This was a good trilogy, but I wish that it would've went a little further at the end. I would've liked to know whether she became more of a dominant & did they end up getting married. Kasie finally exposes herself to her parents but we don't know if there is closure there or did they just erase her out of their lives like they did her sister or did she do it to them because they didn't & wouldn't see the truth about their culpability in her sisters death? The scene in the speakeasy was very erotic. I was glad in a way that Robert tried to destroy Dave after what he did to Kasie but I'm also glad that he didn't go to extremes & that he finally had everything undone. What I would've liked to know was did he do the same for Tom after having him fired. All in all I really enjoyed this trilogy it kept me up until 4 AM until I finished it & I would definitely reread it & recommend it to my friends. Robert and Kasie… This book took a total different turn if you look at the context of the previous two.Can’t decide whether the turn is for better or for worse… Kasie sure does have a wild imagination, and I suppose you can imagine any sexual act that your heart desires… BUT, Robert shocked the crap out of me with his Exhibitionism stunt... Thought he was the possessive kind…not the sharing kind!?I was struggling towards the end, and couldn't wait for it to end. All the turmoil and "thinking" had me a little bored. It ended well though, so that was a plus.

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The third book is worth reading. So much better than the first and second.

Thank God it's finished! not going to waste more of my time to comment.

Worse than the second one, if that's even possible

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