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Coming Undone (2010)

Coming Undone (2010)

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0425232700 (ISBN13: 9780425232705)
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About book Coming Undone (2010)

Wonderful Story!After escaping an abusive marriage Elise and her young daughter move to Seattle and settle into a life full of friends and community, including the super sexy Brody Brown. What starts as just a friends with benefits arrangement soon morphs into more.From bitchy exes to psycho in-laws they have to battle it all and prove to the world and most of all themselves that they are truly meant to be together. As much as I loved the Erin, Todd, and Ben's story I was a little skeptical about this one. I was worried it wouldn't be quite up to snuff but boy was I wrong. I think this one was even better than the first! Brody is an absolutely wonderful character even if he is a bit dumb when it comes to Raven. Elise is very nice and sweet but tough when she needs to be. She is definitely not a pushover. This book was so wonderfully descriptive! The details really pull you into the story and make you feel as though you are there seeing, hearing, and even feeling the things that are going on. Special shout out for the scene with Erin, Todd, and Ben! I'm surprised my kindle didn't melt! Brody Brown is a tattooed shop owner alpha male who raised his brother and sister when their parents died, who is use to taking care of everyone. Elise, a former ballerina, and now owner of dance studio, moves in across the street from Brody, hoping to establish a quiet life for her and her young daughter Rennie. She's rebuilding her life after a violent relationship with Rennie's father and hoping to escape her former in-laws who seem bent on making her life a living hell. When Brody is hit by a hit by a hit and run drunk driver Elise comes to his aid the two becomes friends and then lovers. This is book two of the Brown series and this maybe my favorite one Brody Brown is hot and very caring this book was well written "read" as I listened to it. Elise is an independent, dedicated single mother who is determined to leave her past behind and create a happy, safe home for herself and her young daughter. Although she has been through hell and back, Elise is strong and seeks no pity from her friends. Young and sexy she discovers that wounds from the past have not permanently scarred her spirit or her sensual nature. I loved Elise and her family her parents were loving and only wanted her to be happy. Raven who had an friends with benefits relationship with Brody needed to be slapped she didn't want him when she had him and now that he is serious with someone else she wants him. I also loved the fact the Browns are a close knit family and they have loving friends who are there for each other. This is a well written series and I can't wait to read about the rest of this crew. The also showed the progress of Erin, Todd and Ben and I am happy for them. I a can't wait to learn more about the Brown's.

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OMG!!! Loved this one SO much!!!! I heart Brody and Elise (and Rennie) so much!!! Love this family!!

Great addition to the series. Love Elise and Brody. Fun, witty, and sweet. Irene stole the show.

Really liked this book. Brody was awesome and Elise was sweet. A reread.

Boring, if I'm being honest.

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