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Columbine (2009)

Columbine (2009)

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I want to say this is a well researched and written book, because for the most part it is. I don't take issue with Cullen's conclusions regarding primary motivation. He obviously did an incredible amount of research and knows a great deal more about all the circumstances surrounding the case than I do. However, there is one glaring problem with the book and for me, it is such an egregious problem as to tarnish the credibility of the entire work. Cullen writes that Brenda Parker had a relationship with Eric Harris when he was 16 years old and she was 24. Cullen wrote this as fact in the book and wove it in to his running theory, which may or may not be accurate, that Eric was a ladies' man. Brenda Parker's story has been proven to be 100% false. Ms. Parker herself has admitted that she made the entire thing up and she never met Eric or Dylan. While I understand that people lie and journalists can be fooled, Brenda Parker's story should have been been given more scrutiny by Mr. Cullen or any other journalist. The story could not have been corroborated by any third party, because it was a fabrication. This tells me there was no due diligence to check her story. While some may see this as only a minor error, for me, it is an unacceptable error that erodes the credibility of the entire book. The problem is, this is a book about an event shrouded in rumor and speculation. What else in the book is not actually true, didn't actually happen? Mr. Cullen should have left the Brenda Parker story out of the book. I will never forget when Columbine happened - I was in college and it really traumatized me. There had been some school shootings but something felt horribly different about this one.The book was a great history of what happened. It drug at times, but mostly was enjoyable and you can tell the author did research and fact checking to the nth degree.I will say if you trust our broadcast media in the US, you won't after reading this book. I find that part to be the biggest disappointment. Every news outlet eager to get the story first without knowing if something is true.

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Just couldn't get past the awful repetitive retelling over and over again.

It was hard to read. It got more compelling as it went along.

Confirms that the police were inept.

An excellent piece of journalism.


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