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Closet Confidential (2010)

Closet Confidential (2010)

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0425235645 (ISBN13: 9780425235645)

About book Closet Confidential (2010)

This is a good example of the hobby mystery genre (not sure if that is a real category or not). Charlotte Adams is a closet organizer who sleuths on the side. Not surprisingly, the cops would like her to stop. But she is determined to find out if the debutante philanthropist Anabel really did fall into a muddy hole accidentally, or whether there was foul play involved. Meanwhile her girlfriend Pepper (coincidentally a cop) is threatened and nearly killed. Maffini throws a number of red herrings into the mix. This is by no means great literature, but an amusing little book for those of us who like home decorating shows and Project Runway. The fourth Charlotte Adams book continues to deliver everything I've come to expect from Mary Jane Maffini - the characters are fun (and witty), the plot is a tangle I rarely solve before her heroine, and the secondary characters and her heroine continue to evolve in a living, breathing way.This time, Charlotte Adams has been hired by a rich beauty model who has seven (or more) closets out of control. Charlotte is happy to lend her personal organizing skills and career to the task, but when the woman confides that her daughter didn't die in an accident, but was murdered, Charlotte finds herself back in the role of unwilling sleuth.This time, however, Charlotte is trying to convince the poor woman what everyone believes: it was a terrible accident. But was it? Unwilling or not, Charlotte's sleuthing starts to lead her too close to home, and things are soon growing more dangerous than ever.Every closet has a skeleton - and the next skeleton might be Charlotte herself.Pickup the Charlotte Adams mysteries - you'll not be let down.

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Another winner! I read it in a few hours and loved the twists as the story unfolded. . .

Enjoyed it. I'm going to need to read the next one!

Just started this delightful mystery-five stars!

Another great who done it!!

entertaining-decent plot

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