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Clean (2012)

Clean (2012)

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Simon Pulse

About book Clean (2012)

To summarize this book in one word I'd say: predictable. Overall I did not enjoy this book. While the subject is of high interest to me, the poor writing of Reed really distracted from the plot. Characters are shallow and one-dimensional and the multiple narrators seemed useless given that the characters never really developed. Negative critique aside, I can see many many students liking this one. Clean is a book about five young teens battling their addiction with drugs and alcohol. What I love about Clean is that all five characters have a completely different voice from one another, but you still get attached to each character. They start out hating rehab and each other, but at the guessed it, they don't want to leave and they changed each others lives for the best. Why I didn't give Clean 5 stars is because the ending. I like my stories to have a happy ending, or just a little bit of comfort. Even though they all are sober for a month and go on living their "new" life, it wasn't enough for me. I guess I wanted them to all stay best friends and hang out all the time, and I wanted Jason and Kelly to fall in love. Even though this story is fiction, I was scared that they aren't going to be happy and they will go back to their addictions. See how attached I got to the characters? This book was the first book that I actually literally cried because I was done with the book. Yikes. But anyways, great book!

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That was so incredibly raw, it had me hooked the entire time.

I am falling in love with amy reeds books

very good u should read it

it was a bit boring

Ok for teenagers

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