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Claire De Lune (2010)

Claire de Lune (2010)

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1416991824 (ISBN13: 9781416991823)
Simon Pulse

About book Claire De Lune (2010)

1.5 star.To be honest, my expectations for Claire De Lune were low. This is a book I bought a long, long time ago and have never got round to reading. I only read it now because it looked short and I wanted to get another book done before sleep deprivation and post-concert depression take hold of me from Sunday onwards. Anyway, this book was pretty much exactly as I expected. It was predictable, the writing didn't appeal to me and I found the characters quite annoying. I think that if I'd read it when I bought it, I'd probably have enjoyed it, but now it's not really what appeals to me in a YA book. Plus, I've managed to develop a dislike of werewolf characters in YA over time. One day I'll learn to stop reading books about things I dislike. Anyway, I would describe this book as quite bland. Nothing stood out to me.I think the author was trying to present Claire as a strong, independent girl, but to me she came across as quite bratty and irritating. I grew to like her a bit more towards the end, but throughout the book she seemed over-the-top to me. And her constant interior monologue, which most of the time consisted of her criticising herself, really got on my nerves too. I like first person narrators because they give you an insight, but reading about all the character's thought processes is too much. To be honest, the only other character that really interested me was Dr Engle, the main antagonist of the story, and he seemed very underused. Matthew bored me and his interest in Claire seemed a bit random and over-the-top. Emily really, really annoyed me and seemed to serve no purpose except to complain and make Claire feel guilty. The only members of the pack who were really established were Zahlia and Claire's mother and yet both of their story arcs were predictable and neither was a particularly interesting character. Equally, I also worked out Lisbeth's main storyline right from the start and I had little interest in her otherwise. To be honest, this book's main problem was probably that I had no interest in it. I started reading it expecting for it not to be great and it did nothing to prove me wrong. I wanted it to grab me, to prove that werewolf books that I've ignored for two years can be good after all, but instead it just proved me right. I won't say it's a disappointing book because I got what I expected, but I personally didn't enjoy it and I'd have liked to have seen a more dynamic plot which avoided typical YA clichés and grabbed me in a way that this didn't. It's a nice, light, quick read, I suppose, but nothing much more. To conclude - bland. Maybe now I'll finally learn that YA werewolf books aren't for me. For all you head over heels romance book lovers, introducing to you: Claire De Lune written by Christine Johnson. It has to be one of best twilight rip-off books I've read so far. Claire De Lune was published May, 18th of 2010. Christine Johnson Who has written so many mysterious and drama book will leave you scandalized in this book. Even the tittle sound peculiar. Clair De Luna is about a teenage girl named Claire. Claire doesn't even know her own deep secrets. Apart from her real self she is just a normal teenage girl. Crushing on Matthew engle. Her sixteenth is write around the corner when reports of werewolf attacks have been scattered threw the town. When her sixteenth birthday strikes her mother finally tell hers secrets and why strange things have been happening to her. Claire is shocked. With the city alarmed she cant even tell her new boyfriend or her best friend neither would she dare. With her mother trapped and getting weaker everyday plus in danger by the killer wolf, Claire has decide whether she can deal with the all the pressure. I really have no idea why I picked up this book, I can say mostly because the cover was very intriguing. Looking for a book to read for independent reading I saw the bbook. So this is was obviously not recommended to me. I guess I had luck because this book explains every action and emotion if you were to be like Claire. I haven't read any other book by the same author. My expectations on this book was that her boyfriend would start to investigate himself why Claire started acting so weird. My favorite scene was when she was trying to figure out how to save her mother. My favorite actor was of course Claire, the main character. The most thing that surprised was figuring out who the killer werewolf was. My favorite theme was all the romantic dates. i felt very warm heated reading how lovely their dates. The ending I did like the ending I wouldn't say I loved it because it kinda leaves you hanging. I gave this book three out of five stars because although the book was very intensive it started off very slow in the beginning plus the book left you thinking, and theirs no part 2. But over all i was very satisfied reading this book on my opinion. I would dearly recommend this book to people who love book with secrets, teenage drama,romance,action an people who like twilight rip-offs.

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Nice twist. Instead of girl falling in love with werewolf or vampire, girl is the werewolf

It had some really good moments. But I was expecting a better ending.

Love the book. Really fast moving and just a amazing book!!

I hope this is a series

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