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Cherry Cheesecake Murder (2007)

Cherry Cheesecake Murder (2007)

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This is another book that started slow but as you continue reading it starts to get better.After the end of the last book, Lake Eden Resident Hannah Swensen, has a big pridicment on her hands. She has two proposals and she doesn't know which one to pick. The town are both equal divided on which one she should choose. After getting three phone calls telling her to make a decision, she goes to the place where Mike and Norman are tells me that she is is declining both and wants to continue dating them both. They both agree. With the production of a movie in Lake Eden, all the residents are excited to be extras in the film. The film director isn't the nicest person. But everyone working around agrees he is genius causing them to look the away. Including his wife, who he has been cheating on. But when a mishap with the gun with is suppose to be a prop actually kills Dean, Hannah knows something isn't right. While this book was interesting it took me a while because it seems slow in pacing to me, and I didn't like the love box to much. With the film crew there, Hannah bumps into her former college friends, who are working in the film. Ross who is the assistant. and Lynne is playing one the leads. Ross admits that he use to have a crush in college, though he dating Lynne, so it never went anywhere. Lynne is currently married to the man who is funding the film. They are able to work together and still be friends, understanding that they wanted two different in life. The admission causes a stir in Hannah who had feelings for him too. But she is dating Mike and Norman, though she doesn't really tell Ross. It just feels to me, that she loves both men, but she isn't in love with either of them. Which was why I didn't like her character all that much in this one, but I am excited to read the next one. Maybe the relationships will get back to normal in some type of way. The mystery was really engaging though it took over 100 pages before the murder to happen. I had suspected the murderer, but because they had an albi, I didnt think of them again. Turns out I was right the first time.

This book really makes me dislike Hannah. She's a pompous ass. There is apparently nothing she can't cook and even though she is constantly described as being plump with frizzy red hair, she is the femme fatale of her sleepy little Minnesotan town.This book, Hannah decides which marriage proposal she will accept. Being the condescending twit that she is, she is put out that someone had the audacity to propose to her and actually expect a response. Sheesh - seriously? In the ultimate 'fence-sitting' move, Hannah turns down both guys with the statement that she will decide where, when and whom she marries but hey guys, please keep taking me out, spending money on me and showering me with attention even though I just made a public spectacle out of you and shown that I could care less about your feelings.Seriously? Unfortunately yes. What guy puts up with that? Hannah gets put out every time Norman or Mike show interest in another woman but she thinks that she can date a whole football team and it's okay.The real question is - why do I keep reading these?

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After reading two of these books, I'm still trying to understand the appeal of this series. This one was about a movie being filmed in town and the abrasive director being murdered during one of the last scenes being filmed. Also added into the mix was an old college friend of Hannah's that becomes a romantic interest after she turns down both marriage proposals from beaus Mike & Norman.Writing was mediocre, family members still annoying. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because the writing became slightly more interesting at the end. Oddly quick wrap-up to the story -- I mean, Burke wasn't really suspect until the bit about the sewing cabinet -- which almost -- almost -- made this book tolerable.

The star of this series is Hannah Swenson - amateur sleuth and entrepreneur - who owns a cookie bakery and loves to create new cookies for her shop and prepare treats for her friends and relatives. Luckily for readers who'd like to try the sweets, recipes are provided. In this story some scenes for a Hollywood movie are slated to be shot in Hannah's home town of Lake Eden, Minnesota. The producer, director, actors and supporting staff flood into town, and - to the delight of the townsfolk - local citizens will be involved as advisors and bit players. The murder in this book involves a character dying from a bullet wound from what was supposed to be a prop gun. This doesn't occur until about page 200, however, and until then we visit with the characters and follow Hannah's apparently eternal romantic triangle with Norman the dentist and Mike the detective. In fact, this book has an additional boyfriend - Hannah's attractive friend Ross - who's on the movie staff. It's hard to believe Hannah's beaus would put up with her indecisiveness forever, but it's a book - not real life.Once the murder occurs Hannah and her sisters are on the job - not "investigating" (which is frowned on by Mike the detective) but rather "snooping" to help find the killer. As usual with amateur detectives in these kinds of stories, they withhold information from the police, go where they shouldn't, etc. This isn't a complex mystery but rather an entertaining cozy with fun characters that are staples of the series - and lots of good pastries.

In this book of the series about small town baker, Hannah Swensen the movies are coming to town. There is a movie being shot here. When the director shoots himself with a proper gun that was just checked for safety Hannah just has to investigate.Who could have or would have wanted to change the prop gun for a real one? Hannah and her sisters start their 'snooping' and of course, solve the crime before the police.What is wrong with this book: The way Hannah has decided to not accept her two proposals for marriage is degrading for the two gents and why they would ever bother with her again is another question, especially when she seems also infatuated with the writer and former classmate, Ross. How can the police be this stupid? Hannah's mother who is supposed to be interfering should interfere and tell her daughter to stop the dangling act between Norman and Mike.What is right and why I seem to be a masochist: I love Tracey, Andrea's daughter, this is a fluffy read, I like the setting and it is easy to solve the crime. I also like the smattering of recipes.

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