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Cheaters (2001)

Cheaters (2001)

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Stephan Mitchell and his best friends Jake and Darnell are living well with good jobs, fine clothes, and beckoning futures. For Stephan and Jake, who attract plenty of beautiful sisters, variety is the spice of life. But Darnell is different: He has kept his marriage vows despite some rough going...until he meets a woman who understands his dreams. Chante Marie Ellis and her best friends Karen and Tammy are true blue soul sisters. Closer than close, going way back, they've stayed tight while each has found love, lost love, gone looking for love, and sworn off men forever. But when Chante runs into Stephan--again--at a nightclub, it could be kismet. Maybe this time she can lose her heart without getting it trampled on. While Jake plays the field and Darnell struggles with temptation, Stephan starts seeing his life--past and present--more clearly. And as the price of playing the game and paying the consequences starts crashing down around them all, they discover what happens when the game stops: Who wins, who loses, and who cheats just one last time...

The novel im reading now is called Cheaters by, Eric Jerome Dickey. So far in the book, Stephen is cheating on 3 girls and having fun doing it. Chante got cheated on by a married man who has kids. Darnell and his wife are having some issues with Darnell always busy typing his book. This book is writen by chapters but each chapter is about a different person, and how cheating is involved in their life and how they cope with it. This book only talks about three peoples life, Stephan, Darnell, and Chante. My connection to this book is that I have a friend who has cheated on their loved one but has played the game well because that person still does not know. I wonder if Stephen would get caught by one of the other girls. I wonder how would he feel and his reaction to it. I predict that Stephan will soon end up settling down with one girl but not so sure of what girl. I enjoy reading this book!

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I read this book in high school , Let me tell you....this book is on the real! I saw myself, the person I was involved with, people I know, everyone is a mirror in this book. The games people play in relationships are so unnecessary, and this book brings some of those things to light. Along the way, you are brought to laughter when some of the predicaments Stephans' friends get him into, Chantes' girls drama and the parents of the two main characters. Eric Jerome Dickney is definitely an author to keep your interest.Great story from start to finish. Loved it! Has love passion & some very good highlighted passages.

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