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Chasing The Night (2010)

Chasing The Night (2010)

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0312651198 (ISBN13: 9780312651190)
St. Martin's Press

About book Chasing The Night (2010)

The mystery and suspense were fantastic, but I didn't like the chemestry betweeen Catherine and Joe getting in the way; you were always waiting, expecting there to be an affair at any moment. I love the relationship between Eve & Joe and their bond, and was getting bothered that it was going to happen and destroy that. They could've had a dynamite relationship without that element and it still would have been a wonderfully exciting story I listened to this audio book while on a recent road trip. It was so awful that it was almost painful to listen to. Unfortunately I had no other books on CD from the library with me and I had neglected to grab any of my music CDs before I left. So, I was pretty much stuck with this to listen to. To say it was beyond boring is being nice. Most of the story, roughly 90%, is endless conversations about the same thing over and over. Here’s the story in a nutshell.CIA agent Catherine Ling is able to rescue 14 year old Kelly from bad guys in South America. She’s too late to rescue the girl’s father who has already been killed. Catherine wants to take Kelly to her mother. Kelly says please no, don’t take me there. It seems her mother is afraid of Kelly because she’s so brilliant. Ah, okay, whatever. Then there are endless conversations between the two that go something like this:Kelly-"Please let me be with you. I can help you with your work".Catherine-"No, It’s too dangerous. I won’t allow it".This conversation takes many forms and goes on forever. Finally Kelly is handed off to Catherine’s CIA boss and Catherine heads to Eve Duncan’s house in Atlanta. Catherine’s son was kidnapped nine years ago by an evil Russian guy when he was two years old, and she has been trying to find him ever since. Even though Eve Duncan does forensic facial reconstruction, Catherine hopes she can do an age progression on her son so she can see what he now looks like. They have lots and lots of endless conversations over the next 4 or 5 days that go like this.Catherine-"Please help me. You’re the only one who can do this".Eve-"No. I don’t have the time and there are other people who are much better than I am".They have this conversation at least 20 times. Then who shows up in the pouring rain at Eve’s door? Why Kelly of course! A CIA agent just dropped her off so she could be with Catherine. They then have more of the exact same conversation that they had in South America. At this point I’m wondering when everyone is going to stop having all these dang repetitive conversations and actually do something.Finally, after lots and lots more talking, Catherine, Eve, and Eve’s live in lover, FBI agent Joe Quinn, head to Russia to try and locate Catherine’s son Luke. After arriving and settling in at the safe house, guess who shows up again! Yes, you got it, Kelly!!!! It seems the CIA doesn’t know what to do with her so…..she’s come to help everyone find Luke. Are you as bored as I am yet?Okay, one last thing before I end. The author decided for some unknown reason, that it would be apropos to insert the phrase, “She moistened her lips”, into just about every other conversation. It got to be absolutely laughable. I read another review here on goodreads where the reviewer suggested that it would make a good drinking game. I’m thinking that if you took a shot every time you heard “She moistened her lips”, you would most certainly be drunk long before you got one quarter of the way through. Cheers!

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Really liked the new character Ling. Not one of the best of read by Johansen, but overall, not bad.

Loved the story, hated it's placement in the series.

as always - a good read

Great book.


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