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Chasing Olivia (2013)

Chasing Olivia (2013)

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About book Chasing Olivia (2013)

After the amazing first book, I couldn't wait to read this one. Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed. I felt like the whole book, over and over again, was Trace calling Olivia "Woman" and jokingly bragging about how awesome he is, while she tells him he's full of himself. Just got old and annoying after a while. I also missed some of the secondary characters from the first book. They didn't make an appearance until the last 1/4th of the book. Great ending, though! Nick and Nora...? No. Just, no. I had to put the book down after the first 8 pages. I wasn't sure I could go through with it. It is beyond disturbing and wrong and it makes me hate her mother, not that I was ever really a fan of her. I feel, very strongly, that Olivia's mother is the source of everything wrong with this book. From the very beginning, subjecting her daughter to Aaron and lying about her real father, to relying on her adolescent daughter to rescue her, and now this!! It is just wildly inappropriate and an awful thing, getting pregnant and marrying her daughter's best friend's brother. I pretty much hate Olivia's mother. Moving on. So after choosing to ignore that entire plot line, because I could not handle reading this book otherwise, I got into Olivia and Trace's romance. I had already sensed in the first book that Trace and Olivia did not have the type of love I, personally, would ever envy. But, alas, I had already bought the second one in the sequel so I was kinda stuck with it. I do not envy Trace and Olivia's love or relationship at all because she is always nagging him and prudish and their endearments include things like: "That's why I'm stuck with you." "There's no one else that could handle all of this." "I wouldn't have you any other way."To me these proclamations are a bit morbid and express a kind of begrudging love; they feel empty. It's hard to put into words why these phrases turn me off of them as a couple. Perhaps I already have a bias towards them because I hate Olivia's personality, but the tone of these lines makes me want to prove that they could both find someone else. That there love is misguided. These are strange feelings to have about the lead couple in a romance novel. It just doesn't ring 'true love' to me.Another thing that bugs me, Trace is always making silly, boasting statements, and Olivia is always putting him down and nagging and trying to push him down an notch. Pretty much, I would hate to have Olivia has my girlfriend. She sucks and she is lame and I feel like she contributes absolutely nothing to the relationship other than burden. She is not really that supportive of Trace and its' not like she is a generous lover. In fact, she is quite prudish and annoying in that respect. I feel bad for Trace that he has to put up with her to be honest. I did not feel so strongly reading the first novel, but I guess the rough start with her mother marrying a 24year old guy (her daughter's best friend's brother nonetheless) set my opinion negative.

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I couldn't finish this book...I just didn't see the point to this book even being written?

Laughed at Trace & cried my eyes out! Loved this book!

I really loved this book, hoping for Trent's story

This blurb....The Edge of Always??? Anyone??

Beautiful book. Loved it.

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